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Hey there! I'm Hannah, CPT, Owner and Founder of HH Training. I live in CLT with my fiance and two adorable dogs! I've always been in the fitness world from growing up playing a different sport every season to swimming at a collegiate level. I couldn't imagine not being able to freely move around daily.

It wasn't until recently that I learned that there is much more to keeping your body happy & healthy than just getting in those cardio minutes. You have to teach your body the right way to move and strengthen all aspects of it along the way.  I was able to complete 2 marathons within 4 week of each other this fall virtually pain free. I was able to do that because I wasn't only focused on hitting my weekly mileage. I focused on the strength and mobility that my body needed to stay healthy and powerful turning the training cycle. You might not be training for a marathon, maybe you just want to enjoy a 15 min pain free walk. I'm here to work with you to achieve that!

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